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Exclusive Services


Services provided by Turf Solutions include Nematode diagnostic and management recommendations, Soil testing through AG Source Labs and customized solutions for every need. Please use the contact us section to inquire more about the services.

1:  Soil Testing

Soil Testing from the #1 rated independent and un-biased laboratory. Ag Source Harris Laboratories is the oldest, most experienced and first to be accredited for soil testing. We test with the best!

2: Accurate Interpretation


Accurate interpretation of test results assures you that all recommendations are based on solid science. Soil Solver takes the guess work out maximizing your fertility dollars.

3: Custom Programs


Custom Programs based on your soil test results, environmental factors and budget. Our seasonal core programs are adjusted, per your soil sample results with a fertility program that targets the needs for your turf.

4: Quality Foliar Products


Quality Foliar Products Our products offer the latest technology and truly are unsurpassed when it comes to performance, value and maintaining overall plant health.

5: Routine Visits


Routine Visits, Bi-Weekly or Weekly assures we're there when you need us!

6: Nematode Testing


Nematode Testing services by University of Florida to pinpoint the type, severity and the recommendation of the appropriate products for optimal control.

7: Company Owned Delivery


Our company owned delivery truck ensures timely, efficient and personable service. 

8: Turf Diagnostics Inc.


Turf Diagnostics Inc. provides turf managers with practical solutions that are based on science and sound agronomics. We offer solutions specific to your property so you can better control turfgrass diseases

9: Cost Effective Solutions


Our complete line of off patent and proprietary chemicals are cost effective solutions to many of the challenges turf grass managers encounter.


Let's Work Together

It is our privilege to give you the best care and service. We continue to strive to bring you the services and products that will keep your turf in pristine condition. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us a message through the contact us form.

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